Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A New Day &...

A new addition!

Good morning y'all! September... can you believe it? SEPTEMBER! Now, I don't know about you guys and gals, but I am THRILLED! Do I love Texas? Yes! Am I a constant fan of Texas heat and humidity? Not so much. So in short - BRING ON THE FALL!
With all this said... are y'all ready for my newest addition {just one of several that I'll be steadily adding} to my etsy store? Here it is!
I'm a HUGE lover of books! I read them over and over. They make me happy. I love the smell of a book's pages, the feel of them. For me, a book is quite nostalgic. Over time, my books become worn, pages get torn, discoloring happens. Donate them? I do that quite a bit. Toss them? Never! For those books that are missing pages, have much wear and tear... well, they are recycled into simply lovely wreaths and strung and hung around our home, and yours!

Ahhh yes. Fresh, simple, carefree! There's something about wreaths that make me smile! Welcome guests hung on the front door, brings smiles to faces above the mantel. Eye catching in windows, and adding that last and perfect touch within a picture wall grouping! More to come - so until then... ENJOY FALL!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Place For Everything...

"A place for everything, and everything has its place."

My family... we live in a pretty small space for a family of our size. Why do we stay? Simply because we've fallen in love with our little space. :) What began as our starter home has become, well, our home. We like it here. 1100 square feet. Yep. 1100 square feet. 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, an almost integrated living and dining space, and a kitchen the size of a little girl's playhouse. Our laundry area is in our (not so spacious) 2 car garage, and our trucks are parked in the driveway.

If you've ever looked at my "Organization" board on Pinterest, <-- (click there to see it) it's quite... extensive. Texas is known for its grand homes! Lots of space (in general), but severely limited storage space. I'm quite the artist... or so I've been told... by my 6 year old... ;) I've drawn a picture of a pretty standard Texas home.

Artwork like this ^... well... my apologies, but I won't be featuring it in my ETSY store any time soon. No tears, please. (giggling)

Moving on! 
I've been stalking Pinterest with the high hopes of actually pulling myself out of my "lazy" rut for incredible DIY organization ideas! By now, it's most likely crossed your mind that I went to the right place. HELLO, Pinterest is AMAZING! These are some of my absolute FAVORITES!

This would be PERFECT for our humble home. Our kitchen pantry's layout is exactly like this one. We are hoping to add some additions to our home and expand our living/storage space, but for now, this is perfectly lovely. :)
"Before & After" by Domestic Imperfection

Think more along the lines of BOYS! We aren't trying to be stereotypical here, but they DO love the BLUES! I'm not sure they'd appreciate all the pink... ;) I LOVE this idea in place of 2 nightstands. Our two youngest boys share a room. It's maybe 10x12. 1 desk, 2 lamps, 1 computer, 1 small closet (packed with plastic storage containers & plastic bins that are filled with clothes, hangers, books.... not to mention, the 2nd dresser.... you know, because it wouldn't fit in the actual room...), 2 twin beds, a TV, 2 dressers, an XBOX, a PS2, 2 storage/seat ottomans, 2 under-the-bed zipper shoe storage bags (we use these to store all of their Mario/Pokemon/Sonic/Adventure Time plushies), 2 under-the-bed plastic storage bins (for all other toys)... well, you get the idea.  Basically, no room for them to actually move around. I'm envisioning this bookcase, the bins along the bottom, the books tucked into the top shelving, the TV and gaming systems neatly finding their new homes on top. Oooh - thinking I can hang a handy shelf on either side of the TV (which would sit atop the middle of the bookcase), and a small basket or crate to store all of their controllers, headsets, etc. My head is flooding with ideas! Excuse me for a minute while I write all of my ideas down!
Original post by The AVARICE

Ahhh, yes. This is what I've been looking for! The perfect storage solution for the boys closet! "Pshhh!" That is what I say to all of you Pinterest haters out there! "Pshhh!" ;) Guess this means I need to move that 2nd dresser out of the closet! Hmm... hoping I'll find a great solution for that little dilemna via Pinterest too!
"Before & After" by Sunny Side Up

Fortunately, we do have (some) wall space in the boys room, because THIS is the perfect solution for all of their books! We LOVE books! We have been in desperate need of book storage solutions. Bringing the book storage up off of the floor = BRILLIANCE!
Source - Kidsomania (FYI- LOTS of cool ideas on this site!)

Oh. My. Sweetness. Oh my sweetness! Why did I not think of this on my own? WHY?! Pencil bags. Solid on one side, clear or mesh on the other, and grommets on top. Think trim (or left over wood scraps from previous projects), hooks... we'll never have to search for puzzle pieces, those mini Trash monster thing-a-ma-jigs, or step on those painful small Lego pieces again! Hip, hip - HOORAY!
Original post by The Navy Stripe

I love Shanty 2 Chic. I love them. I do. I really, really do. That stated, it won't be a huge surprise that I stalk visit their blog, FB page, and Pinterest boards often. I'll most definitely be incorporating the canned and dry foods idea(s) into my pantry organization! 
You can purchase the contact paper they used in this project here.
You can purchase the tool punch used in this project here.
You can purchase the wet-erase chalk pen used in this project here.
Original post by Shanty 2 Chic

Ties, hand towels, jewelry, scarves, craft items, belts... *happy sigh* Ohhh, the possibilites!

Under sink storage! Bathroom, kitchen, laundry, armoire! Another "Why didn't I think of this" moment!

Above the boys desk in their bedroom (and perhaps even mine)! YEEHAAW!
Fabulous project by The Crafted Sparrow

Doh! For that useless, dead space (we all have them!) that we never think twice about when we open a closet and/or pantry door!

LOVE all of these next ideas, so I won't go into detail regarding just one! See them all for yourself!
Original post by Canadian Family

20 ways to organize a laundry room. YES, PLEASE!
... because ICK! Ours is located out in the garage... which I dislike... lots.

Genius idea for what little crafting space I have available in our home! Seriously, there are SO many cute and nifty ideas for all kinds of crafty storage!
Original post by Creating Keepsakes Blog

Wood dowels + cup hooks = Thrift & Fabulous! It even looks pretty! I'm all about my decor looking pretty!

And speaking of PRETTY ^ (hehe), here are 8 PRETTY ways to contain bathroom (daily) essential clutter!

... Because I'm all about keeping pillows and blankets up off of the floor. It's a huge issue with me. It's not because I have hideously dirty floors or anything... well, sometimes... but moving on...!!! I'm not sure why, but it just is. Ask my kiddos. I react the same way seeing one of their pillows on the floor as I would seeing a big ole' Texas roach running across the floor! It's why we don't have floor pillows in the living room. I want floor pillows. I think they'd be perfect for our tiny family room, but no - I just can't bring myself to toss them onto the floor and watch them... sitting there... on the floor. Gah! Go ahead... say it... I'm a big weirdo. ;)

Oh, Happy Day! Look below! Just look! I can cut my cardboard to size to fit neatly inside of any storage container/bin! I can color coordinate whatever AND see exactly what I'm looking for without having to open up every lid! Sweetness!

A better way to organize all of my embroidery thread? YES, PLEASE!
Photo found on Everything I Dreamed

It's OFFICIAL! Silverware drawers are NOT just for utensils. Nope. They most certainly are not! Don't believe me? The proof is on the wall! WHAAAAT? LOVE this idea! I do!

STOP! Don't toss another toilet or paper towel roll! And keep those old shoeboxes too! Don't forget to label the cords! You know those little plastic squares the hold the bread bags together? Those are PERFECT for slipping around a cord!. You'll never have to play that old guessing game of "What device does this cord belong to?" ever again!

Just one more share today!
IF I HAD STAIRS (sadly, i do not), I would do this!!! So, for all of you lucky readers out there,  "Happy Under-the-Stairs" organizing!
Photo from Pinterest

Accessor-EYES! (get it?)

CLEVER! On Pick Your Plum today - Accessor-EYES! Get it? (giggles) How clever! Don't miss out! Just $4.99 each OR one of each for an incredible $24.99! Sweetness!

Monday, April 15, 2013

For The LOVE of Milk Paint!

Many, many years ago, I'd posted in regards to my love for Milk Paint! More specifically, Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint! Alright, so it wasn't actually "many, many years ago" - it was more like several weeks ago... and then I sort of slipped away into the shadows for a bit.

I'M BACK! (and i apologize for taking so long!)
So, here's the story behind this yummy piece! I found it at Hobby Lobby last year. I fell in love with it. It was perfect! The price tag? Not so perfect. I walked away. A couple of weeks later, I'd headed back to Hobby Lobby and saw that it was still there! It was broken! (yeah, i was super excited about this!) I noticed the big red and white CLEARANCE tag hanging from one of it's drawers and turned it over. $59.99! I grabbed it.

No, really...I actually dragged my Hobby Lobby cart while carrying (in my arms and about to fall over) this big ole' piece of wonderful goodness! It was all really funny to be honest. I would pick up the drawer piece and carry it a few feet, then set it down. I would then go backwards, grab my cart from the front end and then pull it to where I'd left the drawer piece... and so forth... and so forth... until I reached the checkout register. On a side note... good thing I'd recently began a workout regimen again, or I'd have been a tired, sweaty mess. ;)

I took it home and used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and glued two of the drawer pieces back together. It was beautiful as it was (sorry - totally forgot to take a picture of the "before!")...but I decided to go at it with a lovely shade of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.in Linen. I painted on one light coat and then sanded it all down.

YUCK! I didn't like it all! It's not that I didn't like the Milk Paint (I LOVED IT!) - I'd just sanded it down too much for my taste! So... back to the drawing board! I painted the entire piece over again in the same paint/color...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (what do you think?)
posing for it's close-up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Metal Stamping Set!

Oh my gosh - I LOVE PICK YOUR PLUM! I love it, love, LOVE it. I do! This is going to go FAST! Make sure you stop by ASAP and snag yours before they are gone! I picked up one of each! (but of course i did!) at www.pickyourplum.com

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Milk Paint Addiction

Yes, it's true. I am completely addicted to Milk Paint. I am. And now that that's out in the open (whew, i can finally breathe a bit easier now!), I shall leave you in suspense... but don't worry... not for long! You see, it's 1:30am and I should be sleeping. But - I can't wait to share pictures with you of my newest Milk Painted masterpiece!

Bunny Bowling Anyone? I'm SO in!

I don't know about y'all - but I love, love, love celebrating! Perhaps this is why I so enjoy the holidays! What always goes hand in hand with celebrating the holidays? Remembrance. Whether it be a person, a historical  event, an old folklore of some sort, an anniversary, an emotion... you can bet that you'll find yourself surrounded with friends and family and smiling faces... hugs and storytelling... food, entertainment... and great conversation!

Ahhh, how I love Easter. Spring has sprung (well, for the most part... unless you don't live in Texas... and in that case, Spring is playing hide-and-seek in the snow) and the grass is green. Trees are blossoming with rich, full leaves once again. Flowers are blooming... rain is falling... sun is shining. So many vibrant colors (indoors and out) and all the fresh, clean scents wafting through the air that come with the season. Yes, I am ready for Easter!

What better place to snag the cutest ideas for Easter and Spring decor, DIY, and recipes? Pinterest... duh! ;) And that is what led me to this... Bunny Bowling!
Have you ever come across The Long Thread? Well I hadn't... and I'm super happy that I have now! Seriously - how absolutely adorable are these Bowling Bunnies? And how absolutely adorable is the whole idea of watching your husband kiddos, nieces, nephews, and neighbor children giggling the day away playing this fun, timeless game - with a twist?!

The great people over at The Long Thread have even been generous enough to post an entire tutorial for all of us! Here is the link to the Bunny Bowling tutorial over at Etsy! I plan to make a set (or two... or three) after the Spring Break holiday. Have you made these? I'd love to visit your blog and take a look-see! I'm interested in what you've put together as far as color and contrasting patterns!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh, Happy Day!

I'm movin' and a groovin' in my small, little blog world! Have you noticed that the blog is getting her much needed face lift? Just in time for Spring - and this makes me happy! So far - I'm loving it!

BUT... holy moly - this has taken A LOT of effort! Don't think I'll be doing this all by myself next time there will NEVER be a next time around... nope, nope, never around. ;) By the end of next week - my Etsy Shop will be rockin' and a rollin' too!

OH! Did I mention that I am absolutely, head over heels in lust with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint? SUPER, SUPER simple to mix up and brush on! I'll be posting my "Before" and "After" pics of the first piece of furniture I've completed using "French Enamel." HELLO, GORGEOUS! And I've just placed another order (via one of my favorite shops online!) at The Old Lucketts Store for 2 more bags! This time, I'm trying out the "Shutter Gray" and "Grain Sack." SOOOOO EXCITED!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mixing and Matching

Well... like me, the blog loves change!

(did you peek? you can tell me. i won't tell the blog... you know... that you peeked while it was changing. it will be our little secret)

Excuse the mess as the blog changes. Unfortunately, the dressing rooms are all taken at the moment. Sooo... over the next several days, you'll be seeing the blog half dressed and quite possibly... naked. Is there a name or title for this kind of a thing?
- hmm -

Pottery Barn Vintage Keys Knock-Off

I LOVE Pottery Barn. I just love it. I love just about everything about it... (just about)
What's not to love? For me - it stares me right smack in my face every time - THE PRICE TAG(s)!
GAH! Am I the only person that feels this way? I can't possibly be the only person that feels this way! Don't misunderstand, I am in no way degrading the product(s) because we all know that Pottery Barn's products are made well (really well) and made to last! It's just that the prices are just a bit steep for our budget... and quite honestly... even if they weren't...

I suppose I'm just a flea market/second hand/shop the side of the road on garbage day/local newspaper ads/yard sales kind of gal.

So, that said, back in March (March 4th, 2012), I saw something wonderful. Just all around wonderful!

Pottery Barn - "Vintage Keys"

See! Didn't I tell you that it was wonderful? Price tag = $329 = not so wonderful = trip to Home Depot = voila!
My Pottery Barn INSPIRED Version of "Vintage Keys"

What do you think? I LOVE IT! It does take some time - BUT - the one thing I absolutely loved about this project process is that I CAN MESS UP you can mess up! In fact, I encourage you to "mess up!" It gives my piece your piece much more character and vintage charm I think. :) Stay tuned! Want one of your very own? Visit my ETSY store! I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make one for you!